About Tranceify.me


I´m what you can call a tranceaddict. I started listen to trance back in the early 2000 and I got stoked! I had periods in my life where I listened to punk, black metal, synth, rock etc… but eventually I got tired of all these genres. This is not the case with trance! I have listened to trance for more than 10 years now and there are still some old songs that I think I´ll listen to till the day I die!

It´s something special with trance, it´s not just the music that is good. I believe that trance can express feelings like no other music genre. Trance can put you in a certain state of mind. Trance make me feel alive!

Most trance produced are nothing more than crap, no wonder the common people dislike it so much. There are however a few diamonds out there, that I have collected under a loooong time! I consider myself having a very good taste when it comes to trance, so I decided to put the very best trance songs in my collection on this site. I´ll keep adding some sick tunes to this site including some songs that you won’t find on youtube.

Are you missing your favourite tune on this site? Shoot me an email and I´ll add it to this epic trance/dubstep collection!